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World Debating Website - Debating Tutorial
Provides a selection of resources, including general rules and guidelines, research, speech structure, speaking style, points of information and more. Find training presentations.
http://flynn.debating.net/colmmain_tut.htm     [More Info...]

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Code of the Debater
Peek at this guide, by Alfred C. Snider, for novice and intermediate debaters that contains both basic knowledge and comprehensive skills about cross examination debating.
http://debate.uvm.edu/code/001.html     [More Info...]

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Quick Tips for Winning Debates
Some tips before, during and after a debate tournament for improving your chances to win the judge’s ballot and become an accomplished competitor.
http://eagle.northwestu.edu/academic/artsci/faculty/ggi ...     [More Info...]

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CUSID Central Debating Guide
Resource, in PDF format, and used by university debating clubs across Canada, provides articles for novice, intermediate, and advanced debaters. View the Table of Contents for details.
http://www.cusid.ca/documents/guides/central_debating_g ...     [More Info...]

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BritishDebate.com - Guides and Materials
Details the "Oxford Union Rough Guide to Debating 1999-2000" by Andy Kidd. Learn basic skills or how intervarsity debating works or browse to read how to use this online booklet.
http://www.britishdebate.com/universities/resources/ox_ ...     [More Info...]

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Overview Of Debating Styles
The information provided here is a very brief introduction to debating in general, and the different styles of debate. Produced by The Ontario Student Debating Union (OSDU).
Submitted by: jlee;
http://www.osdu.oise.utoronto.ca/styles/index.html     [More Info...]

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Glossary of Common Debating Terms: University of Waterloo
This web pages provides a glossary of commonly used debating terms. Prooduced by the University of Waterloo Debating Society.
Submitted by: jlee;
http://watserv1.uwaterloo.ca/~uwdebate/advice.html     [More Info...]

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English Learning Area - Debating
Discover this teaching strategies guide that notes debating is a structured way of exploring the range of views over an issue. Read for details or see additional resources provided.
http://wwwfp.education.tas.gov.au/english/debating.htm     [More Info...]

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Basics of Canadian Parliamentary Debate
Describes and outlines the process of the Canadian Parliamentary Debating style.
Submitted by: jlee;
http://www.usc.uwo.ca/clubs/debating/basicscp.html     [More Info...]

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Worlds Style Debating (QSDA)
This PDF describes what Worlds style debating is. It also outlines the process of Worlds style debating. Written by Harold Kyte.
Submitted by: jlee;
http://www.qsda.net/newPDFS/Worlds_Description.pdf     [More Info...]

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