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Tools for Coping with Life's Stressors: Nonverbal Communication Issues
This site offers a large variety of positive and negative gestures and postures which illustrate the right and wrong ways of communicating nonverbally. Designed for dealing with stress, but useful for business communication.
Submitted by: mike_27;
http://www.coping.org/dialogue/nonverbal.htm     [More Info...]

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Non-Verbal Communication: University of Northern Iowa
As much as 90% of your communication is done without words. Gestures, facial expressions, and posture provide information about a person's emotions and relationships with others.
Submitted by: wenbo;
http://www.cba.uni.edu/buscomm/nonverbal/index.html     [More Info...]

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Body Language: Bodycom
Explains the importance of body language, it's many uses and interpretations. Includes hints on intonation, posture, touch, distance, and emotion.
http://www.lichaamstaal.com/english/     [More Info...]

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Exploring Non-Verbal Communication
This page introduces the topic, gives you a chance to try to guess the meaning of some actual nonverbal communication, and describes a new video series on nonverbal communication available from the University of California.
Submitted by: m_ghauri;
http://zzyx.ucsc.edu/~archer/intro.html     [More Info...]

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Non-Verbal Communication Modes
Brief introduction of definitions, usage, and cultural differences of non-verbal communication.
Submitted by: Lili;
http://www.andrews.edu/~tidwell/lead689/NonVerbal.html     [More Info...]

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Non-verbal Communication
A simple, bulleted guide with key principles of non-verbal communication.
Submitted by: Lili;
http://www.city.londonmet.ac.uk/langstud/je103/nonverba ...     [More Info...]

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Nonverbal Communication: Chinese Emotion and Gesture
Due to the different background and culture, even the same gesture and emotion has different meaning for different people in certain contexts. It is very useful for us to understand people by understanding their basic nonverbal communicative skills.
Submitted by: htao;
http://www.ling.gu.se/~biljana/gestures2.html     [More Info...]

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Using Body Language
Body language is an important part of communication which, according to at least one study, constitutes around 55% of what we are communicating. If you wish to communicate well, then it makes sense to understand how you can (and can't) use your body to sa
Submitted by: christelle123;
http://changingminds.org/techniques/body/body_language. ...     [More Info...]

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Body Language: By Xpressionz
This table describes some common gestures and their associated meanings. Utilizing gestures as a type of body language assists the sender in clearly and effectively translating the message to the listener.
http://www.cba.uni.edu/buscomm/nonverbal/Body%20Languag ...     [More Info...]

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Non-Verbal Business Communication: Better Communication Results
Index of articles about Non-verbal business Communication. The author is promoting his own services but there is substantial free information.
Submitted by: Spike;
http://leehopkins.com/nonverbal-communication-index.htm ...     [More Info...]

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