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Criteria for Evaluating Internet Resources: UBC
The University of British Columbia's resource for evaluating internet resources.
Submitted by: Spike;
http://www.library.ubc.ca/home/evaluating/     [More Info...]

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Children and the Internet
Statistics about the use of internet in the home, and how the different aspects of the internet affect children and teenagers.
Edited by: Spike
http://www.mediascope.org/pubs/ibriefs/ci.htm     [More Info...]

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Growing Up Digital: The Rise of the Net Generation
An analysis of the effects of digital media on youth.
http://www.ncsu.edu/meridian/jan98/feat_6/digital.html     [More Info...]

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This paper explores search engines’ bias by asking: Is a specific well–known controversy revealed in a simple web search? From "First Monday" peer-reviewed online journal.
Submitted by: Spike; Edited by: Spike
http://www.firstmonday.org/issues/issue9_1/gerhart/     [More Info...]

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PBS: The Merchants of Cool
Follows workers called "cool hunters", who search for the newest fads within the teenage community.
Edited by: Spike
http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/cool/     [More Info...]

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What is the Meaning of the "Medium is the Message"
An article about Marshal McLuhan's adage, "The Medium is the Message". Part of the Univeristy of Toronto's McLuhan Program in Culture and Technology, Mark Federman,
http://www.mcluhan.utoronto.ca/article_mediumisthemessa ...     [More Info...]

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Andrew T. Fiore's Online Dating Research@
Explains research that is being done about online dating. It also contains links to many articles, essays, studies (mostly academic) about this subject.
Category: top/ Communities - Culture/ Dating / Singles
http://www.sims.berkeley.edu/~atf/dating/     [More Info...]

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Effects of Media Violence on Young Children
Examines the influence of media violence on children and what parents can do to solve the problem.
Edited by: Spike
http://www.earlychildhoodbehavioralhealth.com/Articles/ ...     [More Info...]

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Wired News: will RSS Readers Clog the Web?
An article about some of the problems that could evolve from the widespread use of aggregators, especially whether or not the Internet will be able to handle all the activity.
http://www.wired.com/news/infostructure/0,1377,63264,00 ...     [More Info...]

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The Role of the Media in the Creation of a Star
An article about the role of the media in creating and controlling celebrities.
Edited by: Spike
http://www.worldfreeinternet.net/archive/arc13.htm     [More Info...]

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